WallStreeti.com, LLC is proud to do business with our clients. Our mission is to provide timely, accurate and pertinent value added financial services to our high net worth clients.

WallStreeti.com, LLC is a fee based independent advisory firm with principal offices in New York City. All clients of WallStreeti.com, LLC pay a fixed annual fee based on a percentage of investable assets [and a discounted commission for market orders (stock and bond purchases)].

WallStreeti.com, LLC caters to the investment needs of individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, and business entities.

Clients of WallStreeti.com, LLC custody their assets at Interactive Brokers.

As a leading Wall Street Boutique Wealth Management Firm, we encourage you to contact our Wealth Management Team via our Contact Us link and discuss if we can be of service to your investment needs. Or, you may simply call us at 855-888-WALL.

We always provide a detailed, extensive complimentary portfolio review analysis of your stock, bond, ETF and mutual fund portfolio before you become a client.

We will also, as a courtesy (and without cost to you), review your 401(k), 403(b), 529 College Savings Plan(s), SEP-IRA, Traditional IRA as well as ROTH IRA plans that you may hold.

Investing in stocks and bonds carries significant types of risks in all types of market environments.  Investing in stocks and bonds does also carry risk(s) of losing your entire principal investment.  You should always consult with your Financial Professional before purchasing any investment to examine its merits, and to weigh its risks.  There is no such thing as a ‘guaranteed investment’ and you should be very skeptical when you are told that something is ‘guaranteed’, unless of course it is an instrument backed by the Full Faith & Credit Of The United States Of America.

Contact us today to see how WallStreeti.com, LLC can add value to your overall investment objectives.  We look forward to becoming your Trusted Wealth Manager.